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So your favorite watch, which has been handed down in your family for generations, has decided that its battery is no longer going to work. What now? Do you simply lock it away in safekeeping, only to be used for occasionally impressing people at get-togethers? Or do you replace that battery, so your child will be able to adore the watch, as you have? At first look, replacing a watch battery seems to be an insurmountable task, but with the right tools, and a simple guide, you can repair that magnificent machine. First off, we need to figure out which type of watch back, or front you have.

Open a watch back

Once you’ve got that covered, there is a great website that will guide you through the process of changing a watch battery, and even provides you with images to give you an idea of the type of watch back you have. Lastly, you need the tools and batteries to replace it, which are easily affordable and can be bought at affordable prices like Wholesale Watch Batteries. Anyone can replace their watch battery, without breaking the bank, and once you do it for the first time, you will be glad you didn’t judge the book by its complicated looking cover.


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Watch Batteries (Button Cell), a wholesale dealer, delivers fresh watch batteries. We charge our customers wholesale prices even if they purchase just one piece. Anyone equipped with some basic instructions and the right tools can replace an old watch cell with a new one. For an average wristwatch, the watch cell lasts for slightly longer than a year. We stock several varieties of watch batteries, such as, rechargeable, alkaline, lithium, 3V, 6V, 12V, and solar capacitors.

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The popular brands of replacement watch cells available with us include Casio, Energizer, Renata, Sony, and Eveready.


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